Search for best value offer

Now I am on the search result page where I have all car rental offers for my location which I have chosen. 

So let’s go through them one by one so I can get exactly that car with the right budget I have allocated for my trip.

Rentalmoose has a GoGreen option. So always choose electric or hybrid cars if possible.

Everything starts from

I am now on the homepage of First things to get started with my booking process I will type where I need to pick up my car for the upcoming trip. 

Let’s say I need to pick it up from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. After that when I have found my pick up location I click “Book Now”. 

Keep in mind that you don’t need to choose at this stage your different drop of location. 

Now when I have clicked on “Book now” I can choose my trip dates when I need the car. When I have chosen dates it starts searching for car rental offers for my desired location.

Traffic regulations

Always good idea to check what side the traffic is when it’s your first time visiting the country and you are not familiar with the traffic regulations.

Here is a list of left- and right-hand traffic

When you drive the first time opposite then it feels different, but you get used to it quickly. 

That’s about it, if you have made your plans then let’s get ready to make the rental car booking for your upcoming trip.

Additional driver I want to drive the whole time alone? If it’s a long distance trip I might get tired at some point. I better add a second driver or more with me in case I feel tired as safety comes first. I need to be always alert when driving abroad.

Additional drivers need to be registered and all requirements will apply to additional drivers as to the main driver (IDP, age restrictions etc).

Additional drivers need to show up when picking up the car and provide a valid driver license and photoID or passport.

Additional driver can be registered either;

  1. During the online booking process or;
  2. When picking up the car at the car rental pick up desk.

Additional drivers fee is charged per day for the whole car rental period. Price depends on the car rental company. 

Tip: Always read your chosen car terms and conditions to be sure of the fee.

Senior driver fee

When you are older than 65 then you might have to pay a senior driver fee. 

Young and senior drivers have an extra fee which you are charged. Be aware of the fee as this can be charged either:

  1. During the booking process or;
  2. When picking up the rental car.

In the next section you will see where fees will be visible when making a booking.

Tip: Always read your chosen car terms and conditions, so there would be no surprises later.

NB! Age restriction applies to second drivers as well!

Young driver fee

When I was young, I traveled with my fellow friends and wanted to rent a car as most countries in the world get a National driving license age of 18. 

However, when it comes to renting a car then there are age restrictions. Young drivers are usually between 21 and 25 (sometimes the age it differs) depending on the supplier, location and category. Very few car rental companies rent a car to drivers under 21 because of safety. 

Due to the changing landscape, car rental companies have lowered their age restrictions and many car rental companies let people rent a car for the age of 18. Double check car rental company’s terms and conditions before making payment.

International Driver Permit

International Driver Permit 

 If you’ve read any car rental travel guides, you have probably heard about an International Driving Permit referred as “IDP”. Is an IDP really necessary? Where can you get one? Which countries recognize it?

Read this detailed post to find the answers to any questions you have regarding an International Driving Permit: All you need to know about an International Driving Permit.

Return different location & drive cross borders

 When doing my trip planning I can be creative on that as a lot of places allow me to drive cross borders or let me return the car to a different location. 

Of course most often (not all the time depending on location) it comes with an additional fee which raises your car rental cost. That fee will be dynamic as different return locations and cross borders have different fees by different suppliers.

You see the exact fee during the rental car booking process.

Type of car I need

I can choose the right car for my trip according to:

  1.  How many people am I traveling with?
    • Car types available 
  2.  How much room do I need for my luggage and extra equipment for sport activities?
    • Extra equipment available 

Of course, when I am planning to drive a lot then comes into account the comfort of the car and fuel consumption. If you are looking to have a  lower fuel consumption, then diesel cars are the way to go. 

On the other hand, when I am planning a shorter distance trip then I should choose hybrid or electric cars in order to lower CO2 levels on our planet. 

That way the air is fresher to breath in the cities and nature. I like to breath fresh air, how about you? Did you know that I will plant a tree for every rental car booking you are making in 

You can change your footprint today with me and rent all cars from when you care about our planet. Small changes make it a big one 🙂 

When I am start making a booking to choose a car for my trip then on the search filter I can choose the right model which suits me best. Same with fuel type. More about it in the next section “Making a booking”.

Before making a booking

 I am Rentalmoose. Happy that you found your way to website to rent a car. is a car rental broker and does not own a fleet nor counters at the pick up and drop off locations. Cars are provided by globally and locally known car rental companies. 

As I understand you are planning a trip where you would like to rent a car. That’s great. Let’s have a look at what are the important things that you should consider before renting a car in your upcoming trip.

Trip plans:

  • What is the purpose of my trip?
  • What type of car do I need?
  • Do I want to return to a different location and drive cross borders?

Driver and traffic:

  • Driving requirements and age restrictions
  • Is the traffic right-or left-hand where I am traveling? 

Purpose of the trip

So let’s get started with the trip planning. You already have some idea what kind of trip you’re going to have. Knowing your trip will help you sort out what car you need. Find here few examples of the trips you could have:

  • Beach holiday, not lot of driving 
  • Active holiday (golfing, surfing, skiing, hiking etc)
  • Visiting different cities and sightseeings, lot of driving
  • Business, need to get car quickly from the airport

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