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Check in photos

Before starting your trip take check-in photos of your car condition.

  1. Make pictures of all scratches that are easily identified inside and outside.
  2. Open your booking confirmation email and click “Check-in photos” and upload your photos that you took.
  3. Second way, how you can upload your photos is to log-in to “My account” and open your booking then add “Check-in photos there. 

This is the one reason why I am using because it has an easy to use car documentation feature that reminds me to take always pictures of the outside and inside condition.

This way if I have any arguing with the rental car company I have proof of the car condition. 

Here is a detailed guide on how to make quality pictures of your car. 

After that you are ready to start your trip.

Want to upgrade your car?

Usually when you are going to pick up your car rental car companies are offering you the option to upgrade your initial car to better. They have good discount, ask for offers

Tip: Try to keep good driving behaviours. Reckless driving can cause you trouble if you damage several times or get too many tickets from the policy. You can easily end up on a “do not rent a car” list by the rental car companies. 

Fuel Type

When you don’t know what fuel type your car is then most likely you can find the fuel type if you open your car fuel cap. Inside the fuel cap is information on which fuel your car drinks.

Pick up your rental car

When you are going to pick up your car, show necessary documents and you are set to go.

TIp: Be on time to pick up your car. 

Rental car companies usually hold your booked car around 60 minutes after your reservation time during normal office hours. 

When you will be late with your pickup or you need pickup time which is off the normal location opening hours then you have to request it and this comes with an additional fee. 

In case your flight will be delayed, the car rental company will see it and most likely hold your car. There are exceptional case where the can cancel your booking.

Have your documents ready

Now it’s time when I need to check that I have all my documents ready in ordered to get my rental car. Be sure you have:

  • Passport or ID
  • Credit or debit card, this depends of the rental car company what they accept
  • International Driver Permit if needed 
  • Rental car booking voucher, you have it on email, you don’t need to print it out.

When you have a second driver who wants to drive as well then all the above is required except credit card.

My Bookings

I can do or see the following:

  • I can check my current booking details
  • Download voucher
  • Set calendar reminder for my car rental pick-up and drop-off 
  • Add check-in and check-out photo of my car condition 
  • Price breakdown 
  • Cancel Booking 

Canceling booking

You can cancel your booking for free 48h before your rental car period starts. We pay you money back within 7 days. 

My account

In order to log into my account I need to first sign up to if I haven’t done it before. Sign up process is simple, just fill out required fields, confirm your email address and you are set.

When I am log in and I can see the following:

  • My Bookings
  • History 
  • Profile

Confirmation Section

Now when I have partially paid my booking I am in the confirmation section. 

Voucher is important 

In the confirmation section I see all necessary booking details and I can download a PDF voucher. With this voucher you are able to receive your car at the pickup location. 

After my payment I also receive an email with the booking details. Additionally, in this email I will receive a Rentalmoose check-in & check-out link where I can add pictures of the car condition in order to avoid any difficult conversation with the rental car company.. 

Documenting your car condition when picking-up and dropping-off the car is important. 

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