Check in photos

May 30, 2020

Before starting your trip take check-in photos of your car condition.

  1. Make pictures of all scratches that are easily identified inside and outside.
  2. Open your booking confirmation email and click “Check-in photos” and upload your photos that you took.
  3. Second way, how you can upload your photos is to log-in to “My account” and open your booking then add “Check-in photos there. 

This is the one reason why I am using because it has an easy to use car documentation feature that reminds me to take always pictures of the outside and inside condition.

This way if I have any arguing with the rental car company I have proof of the car condition. 

Here is a detailed guide on how to make quality pictures of your car. 

After that you are ready to start your trip.

Rentalmoose OÜ 2020