Type of car I need

May 30, 2020

I can choose the right car for my trip according to:

  1.  How many people am I traveling with?
    • Car types available 
  2.  How much room do I need for my luggage and extra equipment for sport activities?
    • Extra equipment available 

Of course, when I am planning to drive a lot then comes into account the comfort of the car and fuel consumption. If you are looking to have a  lower fuel consumption, then diesel cars are the way to go. 

On the other hand, when I am planning a shorter distance trip then I should choose hybrid or electric cars in order to lower CO2 levels on our planet. 

That way the air is fresher to breath in the cities and nature. I like to breath fresh air, how about you? Did you know that I will plant a tree for every rental car booking you are making in rentalmoos.com? 

You can change your footprint today with me and rent all cars from rentalmoose.com when you care about our planet. Small changes make it a big one 🙂 

When I am start making a booking to choose a car for my trip then on the search filter I can choose the right model which suits me best. Same with fuel type. More about it in the next section “Making a booking”.

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