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blue crystal lago di garda lake in italy next to large mountains green fields and small town on a clear summer day

The Ultimate North of Italy Road Trip Itinerary

Weekend Getaway Through Northern Italy. Explore the best of it with our North of Italy Road Trip Itinerary.

Click here for detailed directions

Summary (click the red pins for directions) :

Milan to Lake Como– 51km (32 miles) – 1.7 EUR highway toll đź“Ť

Lake Como to Bergamo– 62km (39 miles) đź“Ť

Bergamo to Lago di Garda– 92km (57 miles)- 5.7 EUR đź“Ť

Lago di Garda to Verona– 73km (45 miles), 2.2 EUR đź“Ť

Verona to Venice– 116km (73 miles), 8.8 EUR đź“Ť

360km (224 miles) in total

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 This travel guide takes you on a 360 km Italian road trip starting in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, through picturesque regions of Lombardy to the Garda Lake continuing to Verona before finishing in Venice.

 The road trip itinerary is divided into short sectors roughly an hour of driving each. Dedicate at least two full days to this road trip to have enough time to discover every point along the way.

Planning- Before You Leave

Before setting off on your road trip in Italy, take a look at some of the essential information listed below.

Why should I rent a car in Italy?

Italy is perfect to be discovered by a rental car, the country has moderate traffic outside cities and getting around by car is a lot more convenient than using trains or buses. Italy is perfect for a European road trip!

 Your rental car can be picked up from different spots in Milan, such as the Milan Malpensa Airport, Milan Bergamo Airport, or the Milano Centrale Railway Station. Browse through available options on Rentalmoose.

 When booking your rental car, do not forget to add excess coverage provided by Rentalmoose for extra protection. 

After picking up the car, be sure to take check-in photos of the vehicle and qualify for a 50% discount from the excess cover fee.

Rental Moose mascot standing next to traditional italian home in italy. See the best places to see in Italy with rentalmoose

Can tourists drive in Italy?

You need an international driving permit to drive in Italy unless you are an EU-citizen. These can easily be obtained in your local country and are mandatory for non-EU driver licenses when driving in Italy. For more information on International Driving Permits, click here.

Driving in Italy for the first time might be quite a hectic experience. Getting around large cities is chaotic and driving around tight cobblestone streets can be a nightmare.

On top of all this, the locals don’t really seem to be following the speed limits.

Speeding is common among drivers in Italy. Once you get caught, you will probably realize it was not worth it. Tourists in Italy have to pay the fine on the spot to the police and can additionally be charged by the car rental company.

Going up to 21km/h over the limit on the highway will cost you around 150 Euros, while breaking a “no-parking” rule will cost you around 80 Euros.

Traffic in Italy is on the right-hand side.

Road Trip Extensions

Travelers willing to explore Italy further can head south to Tuscany and the coastal southern tip of the country, extending their Italian road trip. Check out the Rentalmoose guides to Tuscany as well as the Sunny South of Italy and plan your great Italian road trip!

You can also experience a total change of scenery and head north into Switzerland. Drive across alpine mountain passes, ski in the world’s most luxurious resorts and explore the absolute best of the Swiss Alps. Click here for the guide.

Fancy a different route? Check out this travel guide for a different, adventure-filled guide from Milan to Venice through Switzerland.


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The Toll System in Italy

 Keep in mind that highways in Italy are not free. The total cost of tolls for this trip does not exceed 20 Euros. You can find all paid highway sections in the country here.

 Fees can be covered by cash and credit card directly at the highway entrance, or using a prepaid Viacard that can be purchased at gas stations and roadside shops.

When is the best time to visit Italy?

The perfect time to visit this part of Italy is spring (from late March until early June) and fall (September to November). As the peak of the tourist season is in the summer, most places will be too crowded for enjoyable sightseeing.

If you want to go for a swim in Garda Lake while avoiding massive crowds, I recommend going in late May just before the summer starts.

Now that you’re all set, let’s dive into your Italy road trip itinerary!


duomo di milano milan cathedral illuminated at night italy

Milan Cathedral at night. Photo by Cococc/Pixabay.

The adventure begins in the fashion capital of the world, Milan. Pick up your rental car directly at the airport and head into this fascinating city. 

What to see in Milan?

Piazza del Duomo and Milan Cathedral

Don’t forget to visit the Piazza del Duomo right in the heart of the city. You can park your car just beside the square and take a short stroll to the Milan Cathedral

 Admire the beautiful facade or step inside for just 3 EUR per person [buy tickets here]. 

Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

 Directly next to the Cathedral, you will see the Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. If you are a fan of luxury shopping, this Gallery is the perfect place for you.

 Head into one of the numerous cafes and restaurants in the area. I personally recommend Signorvino, offering delicious pizza, cheese boards, and a perfect view of the Cathedral [Click here for the menu].

Next on your Italy road trip: Lake Como, 1 hour, 1.7 EUR highway toll

Lake Como

traditional medieval italian hillside village overlooking lake como blue water surrounded by mountains on a clear day

Lake Como. Photo from Pixabay

 Take the A9 up to Como, a magnificent lake surrounded by the Dolomites. The area offers truly breathtaking landscapes, it is regarded as the most beautiful place in all of Lombardy. 

What is worth visiting in Lake Como?

Enjoy the panoramic views from ground level in the cute town of Como, or take the Funicolare train up the mountain to Brunate and enjoy the scenery from above. 

 A return ticket costs just 6.7 Euros per person and can be purchased at the ticket booth directly before boarding the train. 

Art enthusiasts can enjoy an exhibition in Villa Olmo, an impressive palace built in the late 1700s. Visitors can check out various exhibitions or admire the monumental architecture. This venue also features green gardens surrounding the villa that can be visited free of charge.

Al Veluu- Fine Dining by Lake Como

If you are looking for a very sophisticated culinary experience be sure to visit Al Veluu, a fine-dining restaurant just a short drive up the mountain west of Como. Signature dishes include fresh lake fish, juicy mountain cuts and incredible tiramisu. Take a look at the menu here.

Al Veluu also has luxury suites if you wish to spend the night near the lake.

Next on your Italy road trip: Bergamo, 1 hour 30 minutes


bergamo citta alta historical italian town traditional architecture and medieval church on a clear day

Bergamo’s città alta. Photograph from Pixabay

How to get to Bergamo?

Whilst the fastest way to Bergamo is the A9/E64 highway which passes through Milan, there is a much more interesting route. It’s a minor detour that will extend the trip time by just 20 minutes, though during the drive you will be able to experience the less-touristy side of Lombardy. 

Take the SP342 directly from Como and follow it all the way through to the city of Bergamo. Along the way, you will pass through plentiful cozy villages filled with authentic trattorias and cafes undiscovered by tourists. 

If you choose to take the faster route instead, there is an extra cost in the highway toll (4.50 Euros). 

Armani Designer Outlet

Shopping freaks can take a small detour south of Como and visit the Armani designer outlet. Inside, you will find a wide selection of clothes and accessories from previous seasons. Some of the items are discounted up to 80% off the regular price!

What should you see in Bergamo?

The city of Bergamo is truly fascinating. Its incredibly rich history is reflected especially in CittĂ  Alta, the old part of town.

Visiting the Palazzo Della Ragione and Santa Maria Maggiore is essentially a must. Città Alta’s are lined with many local shops, trattorias (a casual type of restaurant), and gelaterias (ice cream shops).

This part of Bergamo is best explored on foot, you can park your car practically anywhere along Viale Delle Mura. Parking spots that are marked using blue paint have to be paid at the nearest meter, while spaces marked in white are free of charge.

Pay a visit to Piazza Vecchia, the vibrant heart of Bergamo. A portion of ice cream from CaffĂ© del Tasso is a must, as it is considered to be the best gelateria in town. It is one of the oldest cafes in all of Bergamo, it opened back in 1476! Once you’re there, make sure to post it on social media using hashtags #rentalmoose and #caffedeltasso. 

Next: Lago di Garda, 1 hour 20 minutes 5.7 EUR highway toll

Lago di Garda

Yellow, traditional italian buildings and a small piazza in Sirmione right by the crystal-clear Lago di Garda. See the best parts of northern italy with our italy road trip itinerary.

Garda Lake seen from Sirmione

 Lago di Garda is the biggest and cleanest lake in all of Italy, it is the country’s hotspot for family attractions and watersports. Some of the places worth visiting in Lake Garda include secluded beaches, Gardaland and the town of Sirmione. It’s a must on any road trip in Italy.


 The town of Sirmione is just off the E70 highway. Follow Viale Guglielmo Marconi all the way until you reach the castle, then turn left and leave the car at the carpark

 The historical part of town can only be accessed on foot. The 13th-century Scaligero Castle acts as the gate to Sirmione, and can be explored inside and out. 

 You can climb its tower and enjoy panoramic views of the lake from a higher point. Admission tickets to Scaligero Castle start at 5 Euros per person.

Where to stay in Sirmione?

Continue further into the town where you will find chic cafes and hotels. I recommend staying at Hotel Sirmione right in the very center of the town. Rooms start at 150 Euros per night, though there are frequent discounts. 

Beautiful green flowers and plants in front of crystal-clear Lago di Garda lake in north of italy. See the best parts of italy on our italy road trip itinerary.

What are other attractions in Lago di Garda?

 Thrill-seekers and families can spend a day at Gardaland, a theme park filled with rides for all ages, an aquarium and an upcoming Legoland water park (opening in 2020). Located on the south-west side of the lake, Gardaland is open all year round. 

An entry ticket to the theme park costs 25 euros per person (and 16 euros for the aquarium), which is a good deal compared to other parks in Europe such as Disneyland or Europa Park. 

 The park often offers discounts during the off-peak season, so you can score entry tickets for an even better price.

 If you are looking for a more relaxing way to spend your time in Lake Garda, consider going for a swim in Aquaria Thermal Spa, located within the town of Sirmione. 

 This spa and wellness complex is open daily and features thermal pools, saunas and a variety of massages and treatments. Entry tickets start at 39 EUR per person and can be purchased here.

Garda Lake is famous for its crystal clear water and a number of beaches. There are many to choose from but I strongly recommend heading to Parco Baia Delle Sirene

 It is a rather quiet beach in the eastern part of the lake, perfect for a swim or sunbathing. Admission starts at 6 Euros after 3 PM, click here for details on pricing.

Next on your Italy road trip: Verona, 50 minutes 2.2 EUR highway toll


verona traditional historical town medieval stone buildings and bridge over adige river at sunset in italy. See Verona on an italy road trip

Verona’s Adige River. Photo by Henrique Ferreira via Unsplash.

 Verona is the second biggest city in the Veneto region of Italy and definitely shouldn’t be missed on any Italian road trip. 

Driving around the central area of Verona can be a nightmare because of its tight one-way roads, lack of parking spaces and the overall amount of cars, so consider leaving the car at the outdoor car park in Piazza Cittadella and strolling around the area instead.

What to see in Verona?

Arena di Verona

 Arena di Verona, the city’s main historical attraction, is just a 5-minute walk from the carpark. The monumental colosseum is just as spectacular as the one in Rome, constructed back in 30AD. 

 You can walk inside the arena, where many public gatherings and events have been held for thousands of years. Check the official website for events during your visit.

Ponte di Castelvecchio

 Continue to stroll through the city center until you reach Ponte di Castelvecchio, another true landmark in Verona. Situated on top of River Adige, this spectacular bridge is a part of Castelvecchio.

The bridge and castle date back to the 13th century and can act as a stunning backdrop for your photos. Step inside the castle which has been turned into a museum for just 6 Euros per person, tickets can be bought directly at the entrance.

ponte di castelvecchio red stone bridge over adige river on a clear sunny day in verona italy. See it on an Italy road trip

Ponte di Castelvecchio. Photography by Paul Arps from Flickr.com

Juliet’s House

 As you keep walking East of the castle, you will find yourself next to Juliet’s house. It was believed to be the house of Juliet from William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

 Although lots of people find this attraction overrated, along with proof that this was in fact not the real house of Juliet, it remains one of Verona’s landmarks that’s worth at least a quick peek.

Where is the best pizza in Verona?

This leg of the trip wouldn’t be complete without trying real, Italian pizza. Where can you find the best pizza in Verona? I recommend going to Pizzeria Tutti Gusti, hands-down one of the best pizzerias in town.

Have you been there? Be sure to let us know in the comments if you agree with us. [Click here for the menu]

Next on your Italy road trip: Venice, 1 hour 20 minutes 8.8 EUR highway toll


venice empty grand canal surrounded by colorful traditional buildings and parked boats italy

Getting to Venice

 The last leg of this road trip is a 120km drive from Verona to Venice via the A4 highway. There are massive multi-story car parks right by the entrance to the city, so don’t worry about finding a spot.

A parking spot costs 21 euros per day, with lower rates for the short-term. Detailed rates can be found here. You can then get to the city by the waterbus (2nd line), they’re available right by the carparks. 

 Get off at the first stop right in front of the Ponte della Constituzione bridge. Cross the bridge and enter the magnificent town. You can then head towards Ponte Degli Scalzi and continue exploring on foot.

What are the best attractions in Venice?

Rialto Bridge

 A sight not to be missed is the Rialto bridge. It is one of the most recognizable spots in Venice, and is filled with tourists. 

 The area surrounding the bridge is packed with all kinds of restaurants, cafes, and shops, where one can find anything from high-end clothes to traditional handmade masks. 

The number of people can be overwhelming and in my opinion, Ponte di Rialto is best when admired from a distance, therefore I recommend heading down to Al Buso

 Directly next to the bridge, this restaurant will prepare a delicious Italian meal with a view of the bridge and Canal Grand.

St Mark’s Basilica and St Mark’s Square

 St Mark’s Basilica and St Mark’s Square are the most visited attractions in Venice, and one of the most popular tourist hotspots in all of Italy. 

 Known for its breath-taking architecture, Saint Mark’s Basilica is situated within Saint Mark’s Square. The Basilica has been a landmark in Venice ever since its opening back in 1094. 

 Don’t get discouraged by the queues waiting to enter the church, as visiting the interior is absolutely worth it.

 You can purchase entry tickets online [Purchase tickets], skip the queue and walk right in for just 3 Euros per person. 

 Skip the line service is available only during the highest peak season from April till November, as during other months the queues are much shorter.

La Biennale di Venezia

Art enthusiasts should definitely visit La Biennale di Venezia. The venue hosts different exhibitions during the year, including art and architecture exhibitions, film and dance festivals and theatre shows. Tickets for various events by Biennale can be purchased here.

What are the best hotels in Venice?

 Venice has all sorts of luxury, boutique, or budget hotels available throughout the islands. If you are looking for the absolute best of Venice’s luxury experience, Hotel Belmond Cipriani is the hotel of your dreams. 

Definitely the best place to stay in Venice, this 5-star hotel offers luxury accommodation, a great location and gourmet dining.

If you are traveling on a tighter budget, consider staying at the B&B Bloom Settimo Cielo. Located within walking distance of the Rialto Bridge, the highlights of this cozy hotel are beautiful interior decor and a very good location, just a 10-minute walk away from Saint Mark’s Square [Book a room here].

Travelers who wish to stay at the beach can take the Vaporetto Water Bus to Lido island directly from Venice. Le Ville del Lido is a cozy, affordable hotel just across the street from the beach. The hotel features an outdoor pool, classic decor and a beautiful garden. 

traditional colorful handmade carnival masks on display in local store in venice italy


Your rental car can be dropped off directly at the airport for maximum convenience. Browse through available options on Rentalmoose.

Don’t have a car you can take on one of the best road trips in Italy? No problem!

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Weekend Getaway- Northern Italy Road Trip Itinerary

The North Italian weekend getaway (with a little bit of Switzerland). Check out this Northern Italy road trip itinerary!

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I know that sometimes you wonder where to travel for a weekend getaway and you don’t come up with something amazing that excites you enough to open your laptop immediately to purchase your flight tickets.  

Click here for detailed directions

Summary (Click the red pins for directions):

Milan to Lake Como- 50 kilometers (30 miles) 1.7 EUR (highway tolls) đź“Ť

Lake Como to Saint Moritz- 145 kilometers (90 miles) đź“Ť

Saint Moritz to Limone Sul Garda- 280 kilometers (175 miles) đź“Ť

Limone Sul Garda to Verona- 100 kilometers (60 miles) 4 EURđź“Ť

Verona to Venice- 115 kilometers (70 miles) 8.8 EUR đź“Ť

690 kilometers/430 miles in total

I am a travel freak and always looking for something that excites me and could possibly give me memorable experiences for a lifetime. We all work hard to pay our pills but there really should be more joyful times when we enjoy our lives to the fullest. 

As nature is in my heart, I thought about seeing different landscapes and views where my eyes could rest and where I can get inspiration to continue working hard to achieve my goals. So this post is for travel enthusiasts who are into active traveling.

For my weekend motivation road trip, I visited classical lake Como which has beautiful Italian architecture and an old town on the riverside of the lake. After that, the road trip took me to Switzerland to visit the historical village of Saint Moritz, which is one of the most popular winter ski resorts in the World. Those views towards alps are stunning there.

The next stop was at the breathtakingly beautiful lake Garda, back in Italy. And then I was off to my last destination – Venice – with a little stopover in Verona. 

Planning- Before You Go

Before you set off on your road trip in Italy, take a look at the basic information below.

How long does it take to complete this road trip?

The driving duration of this Italian road trip is around 14 hours so the minimum program should be 3-4 days, ideal for a weekend getaway.

When is the best time to visit the North of Italy?

The best time for this Italian road trip is from May to October (with summer months being the high season – meaning more crowds, higher prices, and longer waiting time everywhere). 

Depending on the season, please be aware that it can be cold and even some snow on the mountains when traveling off-season.

Keep that in mind when choosing a car. You’ll find the perfect options for every season on Rentalmoose.

Trip extensions to Switzerland and other parts of Italy

Extend your road trip further with two road trip extensions recommended by Rentalmoose.

Swiss Alps

When you’re in Lake Como, you can head north to Lugano and then continue exploring the scenic Swiss Alps. Spend a night in Andermatt, see the top of Europe near Interlaken and wander the streets of Geneva. Click here for the guide.


If you’d rather see more of Italy, head south to the magical city of Florence. Drive around the vineyards, visit forgotten medieval castles and see “The Medieval Manhattan of Italy”. Check out this guide to help you plan your next Italian road trip.

Alternative Route

On top of road trip extensions, Rentalmoose suggests an alternative route for this road trip. Whether you’ve already been to this part of Italy or would rather not go to Switzerland during this trip, check out this travel guide for an alternative road trip route between Milan and Venice.


A 20-second travel guide: Northern Italy by car. Check out my profile for more trip ideas ##tiktoktravel ##travelguide ##traveltip ##italy ##roadtrip

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Can tourists drive in Italy?

Absolutely! However, you will need an international driving permit to drive in Italy unless you are an EU-citizen. These can easily be obtained in your local country and are mandatory for non-EU driver licenses when driving in Italy. For more information on International Driving Permits, click here.

Driving in Italy for the first time might be quite a hectic experience. Getting around large cities is chaotic and driving around tight cobblestone streets can be a nightmare. On top of all this, the locals don’t really seem to be following the speed limits.

Speeding is common among drivers in Italy. Once you get caught, you will probably realize it was not worth it. Tourists in Italy have to pay the fine on the spot to the police and can additionally be charged by the car rental company.

Going up to 21km/h over the limit on the highway will cost you around 150 Euros, while breaking a “no-parking” rule will cost you around 80 Euros.

Traffic in Italy is on the right-hand side.

To avoid any future misunderstandings, don’t forget to use the Rentalmoose app to take photos of the condition of the car when receiving it and before starting your journey to qualify for a 50% rebate from the excess coverage fee. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into this fascinating Italian road trip.


milan Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, famous tourist site at piazza duomo. Grand architecture and glass ceiling hosts luxury boutiques and is one of the highlights of milano. see it on an Italy road trip

The Galleria next to Milan Duomo 

The starting point of this Italy road trip is the city of Milan

Flying to Milan

Milan has 3 big airports – Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo. All of the airports are more or less about a 1-hour drive from the next location on your North Italian road trip – lake Como. 

During high season in Summer there might be a lot of traffic around the city center and parking can be hard to find.

How to find a rental car in Milan?

For rental car options, have a look at Rentalmoose.com which offers you the best prices for car rentals from the most well-known car rental companies. 

Keep in mind that when you are seeing that car rental companies are offering really low prices online then there might be some risk for you – either high deposit or hidden fees. There is no such issue when booking through Rentalmoose. 

With the Rentalmoose app, you can take pictures of your car’s visual condition (scratches) and when returning you have proof of your car condition which means lower risk for you and a better car renting experience. 

To avoid any misunderstandings, use the Rentalmoose app to take photos before starting your journey and to qualify for a 50% rebate from excess coverage.

Pick a suitable car that you feel like driving with. When you want to enjoy the summer breeze then opt for a convertible or when you are going with more than two people then a sedan or an SUV is a better choice. 

Add your criteria at Rentalmoose and you’ll see the most suitable car options for your Italy road trip.

Parking your rental car in Milan

When visiting Milan, Rentalmoose suggests parking the car outside the center and using public transport to go and see the Milan Duomo and the beautiful Galleria next to it, and if you are not the one driving – enjoy an Aperol Spritz at one of the cafes around here.

Milan is in the other direction from lake Como so your driving time will be longer. 

Are you looking for the best attractions in Milan?

Looking for the best things to do in Milan? Wondering where you can eat the best pizza in town? Check out this travel guide to see Rentalmoose’s favorite spots in Milan!

Next: Lake Como, 40 minutes

Lake Como

villa d'este restaurant. View the villa's beautiful garden while dining in the terrace. Empty, decorated tables, windows lined with purple flowers and park with tourist on bench.

Hotel Villa d’Este in lake Como 

The first leg of your Italy road trip is a casual 1-hour drive north towards the border with Switzerland. 

What should you see in Lake Como?

When arriving to lake Como, enjoy the stunning view and take a walk in the old town and riverside. 

Villa d’Este

A very nice place to visit in the area is Villa d’Este. Maybe treat yourself to a drink and a dessert in their lovely restaurant with the most amazing view to the lake and mountains. And if you have more time – take a ferry to Bellagio. A true fairytale city.

Looking for more attractions in Lake Como? Check out this travel guide!

Fox Town Factory Stores

Now, if you want to go shopping then Como is not the best spot as it’s a small town and it doesn’t have too many boutiques around. But close-by is an outlet called Fox Town Factory Stores where you can purchase designer goods and save some euros. 

They have the most well-known brands and it’s good to check out their discounts when going there. Fox Town is located in Switzerland, just across the Italian border, about half an hour’s drive from the center of Como 

Detour- visit Lake Lugano

Before you set off to Saint Moritz, consider heading up north for around 30 minutes until you reach the picturesque Lake Lugano in Switzerland. Click here to discover the best things to do in Lugano.

Next: Saint Moritz, 3 hours

Saint Moritz

badrutt's palace hotel building seen at night during wintertime. the hotel's classical architecture, castle style and famous tower. Be sure to see it on an Italy road trip

Badrutt’s Palace in Saint Moritz

Are you ready to visit one of the oldest and most iconic ski resort areas in the whole world? When driving from Como to Saint Moritz you will see amazing views on the way. 

Feel free to stop to breathe the fresh air and take a few photos of mind-blowing views. Remember to post your photos online using #Rentalmoose for a chance to win a free rental car!

Also, be very careful when driving the curvy mountain roads. 

Saint Moritz is a popular Winter destination but there is plenty to do during the summer season as well. But keep in mind that the climate is a bit cool, even during the summer. 

What can you do in St. Moritz during the summer?

Mountain Biking

For those who like biking or want to have an adrenaline rush, mountain bikers can use the cable car to reach the Piz Nair mountain station at 3,056 meters above sea level. The views are breathtaking and the trails are as varied as the wonderful natural environment itself. Read more here about why you should experience mountain biking. 

Relax in a spa

After getting dirty on the bike, there is nothing better to do than going to the sauna and relaxing in the spa. This is another thing that St Moritz is famous for. 

Most of the hotels have spas here. Most legendary hotels here are Badrutt’s Palace, Kulm hotel, and Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski. Good thing is that summer is the low season in the resort so you can get better hotel deals this time!

La Restaurant

Badrutt’s Palace is in the heart of the village. It’s dating back to 1898, being one of the first hotels which had electricity and in 1913 they built the first indoor tennis court in Europe. 

Instead of an indoor tennis court, it is now home to the Le Restaurant dining room. So if you want to experience something extraordinary then book a table in Le Restaurant in advance. 

They do have an outdoor tennis court within the hotel though so you don’t have to miss the game. 

Chesa Veglia

A bit of a more casual place to eat in Saint Moritz is Chesa Veglia – located in a gorgeous and authentic Engadine farmhouse, converted almost a century ago into the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. The hotel is situated just 350 meters from the lake. 

Kempinski, on the other hand, is just in front of the lake where during the wintertime the famous St Moritz Snow Polo takes place. 

Rentalmoose insider tip: When in search of cheaper hotels for your budget, look for the ones out of the center –  the prices are cheaper yet they are still a short drive away from the village. 

Next: Limone Sul Garda, 5 hours through Paseo Stelvio

Limone Sul Garda

beautiful natural beauty near garda lake. Limone Sul Garda, small town in northern part of lago di garda. Large rocky hill seen from the lake's surface, trail from boat on the lake and clouds in distance.

Photography by Tommy Rau

Stelvio Pass

Before continuing the Italian road trip, make sure you choose a route that goes to Limone via the Stelvio Pass. It will be a longer route but – this road has been rated as one of the world’s greatest driving roads by Top Gear. 

In fact, Stelvio Pass has landed on our list of the top 10 best driving roads in Europe. Check out the rest of them!

Check out this Top Gear video where they are driving through it and let them give you a taste of the feeling what you are about to get from this road trip.

And our road trip has brought us back to Italy, on the way to another great lakeside destination – Lago di Garda – the biggest lake in Italy which is known for its crystal clear water. Our stop here is in Limone Sul Garda. 

Limone Sul Garda

Limone is a very tiny but gorgeous village. It’s the perfect place for a little stop, walk around in the village and in the promenade to enjoy the cute old houses and all the flowers – there are so many vibrant, colorful flowers everywhere! Walk until the harbor and then treat yourself to a delicious gelato – famous Italian ice cream. 

Lunch recommendations

A good feast awaits you at the Vecchia Malcesine restaurant. And for a simpler lunch go to Ristorante Gemma

See more of Lago di Garda

Have you fallen in love with this beautiful crystal-clear lake? Check out this travel guide and add a slight detour to your Italy road trip. Visit the southern tip of the lake, stay in the town of Sirmione, or ride one of the thrilling rollercoasters in Gardaland.

Where to stay in Limone Sul Garda?

For the real Italian vibe, stay at the Splendid Palace hotel or Hotel Castell – both of them have marvelous views of the lake. 

If you prefer more modern accommodation, look no further than Park Hotel Imperial

Once you’ve spent enough time at the crystal-clear Garda Lake, the next leg of your Italy road trip is a 90-minute drive to Verona!

Next: Verona, 1 hour 30 minutes


arena di verona, large colosseum is the main attraction in verona, italy. Seen on a cloudy day, tourists in the distance and old column in front of the arena. Be sure to see it on an Italy road trip

Arena di Verona 

Let’s continue to drive towards the final stop on your road trip in Italy – Venice. 

Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli

But first: about a half an hour drive to the South on the lakeshore there is one of the best restaurants and hotels in the Garda area (if not in the World…) – Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli

It is very private and as a tourist almost impossible to find – there are even no signs on the streets. If not planning to spend the night there you can go to their restaurant also. This place comes with a price tag, it is expensive. But the food is oh so divine! 

Villa Feltrinelli appears unchanged since 1892, yet it’s always different. This will be a once in a lifetime experience! 


If Villa Feltrinelli doesn’t suit your travel budget then drive until Sirmione. This is another beautiful location on Garda lake. And it’s literally in Lake Garda as Sirmione is on the top of a peninsula. Don’t forget to see their amazing castle, Scaliger.

Lunch recommendations

Go to restaurant La Rucola 2.0 or La Speranzina if you are ready to pay more for your fabulous meal or go to Trattoria Clementina where you can find great food for a reasonable price. 

After you have discovered Sirmione, hop in the car and drive to Verona. Name sounds familiar?

Probably because this is the city where the world’s best-known love story came from. Oh yes, the place of Romeo and Juliet! 

What should you see in Verona?

Casa di Giulietta

Go visit the Casa di Giulietta – a 14th-century residence with a small Juliet’s balcony and if you are together with your loved one then write your names on the wall as thousands of loved ones have done before you. 

Arena di Verona

Another must-see place is Arena di Verona. The Verona Arena is a huge 1st-century Roman amphitheater, which currently hosts concerts and large-scale opera performances. So check their program, maybe you can see some event there. I was lucky to witness Andrea Bocelli himself singing there.

After an afternoon in Verona, a pleasant 90-minute drive will take you to the final stop on your Italy road trip! 

Next: Venice, 1 hour 30 minutes


gritti palace terrace restaurant, outdoor dining with a view of canal grande. Sunny day, no tourists and canal full of boats. Be sure to see it on an Italy road trip

View from the Gritti Palace Terrace in Venice

You’ve reached beautiful Venice, a really unique city that is built on the islands and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. It has no roads, just canals. 

What can’t you miss in Venice?

The places to see in Venice are its Grand Canal and Piazza San Marco. Of course, you have to go on a gondola ride while there! You can also go shopping as most fashion brands are represented in Venice and many Italian ones make special collections that are only possible to buy in this city!

Where to stay in Venice?

The most famous hotels in Venice are Hotel Danieli (Legendary The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp was filmed there), The Gritti Palace, Aman hotel and Belmond Hotel Cipriani. 

Of course, all of those come at a price (possible to get a better price when traveling off-season!).  A good hotel recommendation with a reasonable price would be Hotel Ai Due Principi

Lunch recommendations

For the best pasta go to The Gritti Palace Terrace – the view from there is jaw-dropping! Be sure to visit Harry’s Table, a soon-to-be-open restaurant that belongs to Cipriani.

Looking for more fun things to do in Venice? Check out this travel guide!


Rentalmoose insider tip: drop off your rental car in Venice because the traffic in Venice is by gondolas anyway and this way you’d skip high parking fees. Catch Italia Rail fast train that takes you directly to Malpensa airport in 4h 5 mins from Venice. 

If you still choose to park your car at the port for the time you enjoy Venice and drive back to Milan, then a pit stop recommendation would be Bergamo (or maybe your flight departs from Bergamo airport anyway?). If you happen to be foodie then Michelin 3* restaurant Da Vittorio in Bergamo is a must. In this case, drop off your rental car at Milan Bergamo airport. 

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