Month: May 2020

Payment Section

Rentalmoose gives you always a partial prepayment option so you don’t need to pay for the whole booking upfront. In case, you will have changes in the trip plan then you can always cancel 48h prior your rental free of charge. 

You can use the voucher that is sent by email as an invoice for your bookkeeping in case you need invoice.

You can pay your partial fee in euros. 

As I am a driver then I need to be the payer of the rental car. Otherwise I face a problem when picking up the car as the driver has to pay it with his card. Otherwise car rental companies do not give me a car.

In the price breakdown you see how much you have to pay today. Rest you have to pay at the desk. Isn’t this good? 

What to do when my payment is declined? 

Driver Section

At this point as I am the main driver then I need to fill out my information in this section. Driver has to make the payment as well.

You can add a second driver at the desk when picking up the car. 

Options Section

In this section I am able to review the rental car booking details:

  • Price, how much do I need to pay now and later
  • Rental car details 
  • Deposit, self liability amounts
  • Rentalmoose and car rental company Terms and Conditions “T&C” & Privacy Policy
  • What is included in the price 
  • Supplier location and opening hours 
  • You can choose additional protection & extras
  • Driver & license requirements 
  • Security deposit amount and which cards/payment method rental car pick up location offers. 
  • Fuel and mileage policy. 

For extra peace of mind during your road trip, Rentalmoose recommends adding excess coverage when booking your rental car. Once you’ve picked up the car, don’t forget to take photos of the car to qualify for a 50% discount from the excess coverage fee.

When everything is clear to you and you have read rental car company T&C, which is really important to know their internal rules, you are go to go the the next section.

Search Result Ordering

There are three different types of ordering your results.

  1. Best value first – are offers that are most customer friendly ones, with reasonable amounts of deposit, self liability and unlimited mileage.
  2. Cheapest first – offers that are the most cheapest.
  3. Most expensive first  – offers that are the most expensive.

Car types

Most common problem that you face when renting a rental car is that you book for example Volkswagen Polo or similar and you get Fiat 500.

This is because car rental companies group cars by the size and their car are changing fast in their stock.

Keep in mind that, rental car company always has the possibility to offer your initially booked car type a similar type or higher category car.

However, from you are able to choose proffered car type from the category type or using “Advanced Search” where you can personalise your car search.

Advanced search

When I am opening the “Advanced search” option then in this section I can choose my favourite brand that I have previously used to rent a car. If I don’t have any preferences then you can have them all. 

Then you have different drop down options which you can use to personalise your offer starting from:

  1. Deposit – how much do I want to give deposit? Lower deposit, higher rental price or higher deposit, lower rental price.
  2. Self liability – How much do I want to commit financially when I do an accident? Lower self liability, higher rental price and higher self liability, lower car rental price.
  3. Allowed mileage – How long is my trip? Mostly car rental companies are giving unlimited mileage nowadays. 
  4. Child Seat – Do I need a child seat for safety reasons? 
  5. Transmission – Which gearbox am I used to drive? If I have a driver’s license with an automatic gearbox then I am not allowed to drive with a manual gearbox.
  6. Pick-up type
  7. Winter tyres – Is there snow where I am going? If yes, then you need to include winter tyres.
  8. Number of seats – How many people are traveling with me? 
  9. Luggage space – How many luggages do we have whom I share the car with?

Tip:  If I have a driver’s license with an automatic gearbox then I am not allowed to drive with a manual gearbox.

With these options I can get the right car that I am looking for with the right price.

After I have chosen options then I click “Apply” and all offers will be customised according to my chosen options.

Every time when I want to make adjustments I have to click “Apply” or you can “Reset” everything and start from the beginning with the default values “All” in each option available.

Search for best value offer

Now I am on the search result page where I have all car rental offers for my location which I have chosen. 

So let’s go through them one by one so I can get exactly that car with the right budget I have allocated for my trip.

Rentalmoose has a GoGreen option. So always choose electric or hybrid cars if possible.

Everything starts from

I am now on the homepage of First things to get started with my booking process I will type where I need to pick up my car for the upcoming trip. 

Let’s say I need to pick it up from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. After that when I have found my pick up location I click “Book Now”. 

Keep in mind that you don’t need to choose at this stage your different drop of location. 

Now when I have clicked on “Book now” I can choose my trip dates when I need the car. When I have chosen dates it starts searching for car rental offers for my desired location.

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